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Friday, october 6


Love, Dean

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Friday 6:45 pm

Musicians, singer-songwriters, and husband and wife, Rachael and Luke Price, are bringing back the feel-good vibes of classic Americana. Love, DEAN brings a handcrafted musical mosaic of vintage soul, gospel, and folk. Rachael’s stunning vocals and pointed lyrics, along with Luke’s raw harmonies and soul-influenced guitar culminate in undeniable chemistry. With two voices and an old electric hollow-body guitar, they create music that is honest, timeless, yet uniquely new. 


Marty O'Reilly

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Friday 8:00 pm

Explaining Marty O’Reilly’s music is like describing a dream. It feels familiar, but at the same time unchartered. His songs sound bluesy but not blues, folk but not folk, soulful but not soul. Marty’s voice is beautiful and unique, his lyrics stark yet lush over gritty electrified guitar, melding beautifully into genre-defying music within the vast definitions of Americana. One can hear an urgency and complexity in the songs, expressing something elemental and perhaps contradictory: love and anger, joy and pain, real and imagined.



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Friday 9:30 pm

Hailing from the hills of Santa Cruz,CA,KR3TURE is a maestro of modern live/electronic fusion. His fun and sexy guitar-infused anthems laced with sultry vocals leave dance floors sweaty as they sing along his infectious melodies.With roots in blues, rock, and indie pop, KR3TURE has pioneered a way to bridge the worlds of acoustic and electronic dance music. The project is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with in theWestCoast and beyond.His growing catalog of releases include collaborations with the likes of Moontricks, The Human Experience, saQi and Morillo. Keep an ear out for the blissful sounds of KR3TURE!

Saturday, october 7


Donya Reeza

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Morning Wake Up Set 10:30 am 

These two world-class musicians are preserving Indian, Greek, Persian, and Turkish traditional music while weaving their common threads together. A woven tapestry of cosmic connectedness and collective inspiration, this unique performance is not to be missed!.



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Saturday 6:15 pm

Quattlebaum, Southern Gent and Banjo Slinger, brings more to the table than just music. With his infectious smile and weird antics, he brings people together; encouraging camaraderie and building community (like this event, Folk & Forage). The singer-songwriter tours the country picking and strumming indie-folk songs that are spacious and emotive, and have an implicit groove. When he plays, you can hear the reverberations of the rustic mountains clashing with the breezy ocean. His Quartet will feature PNW shred-daddies James Rossi on the fiddle and Josiah Payne on the mandolin. 


Laney Lou & the Birddogs

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Saturday 8:00 pm

Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs are an energetic Americana band from Bozeman, Montana, that infuses four-part harmonies, engaging songwriting, and rock-n-roll drive into a modern approach to traditional folk music. Coming from varied musical backgrounds, the five-person ensemble creates a sound unique to them, but one that appeals to audiences of all ages. The Bird Dogs weave stories through their songs that are reflective, joyous, longing, or meant to share a journey with the listener. Through it all, the band is able to convey heartfelt honesty, getting the audience to immerse themselves in the moment by dancing, singing and laughing along.

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Saturday 9:30 pm

Ramblxr (pronounced “rambler”) is the electronic project of piper, producer, and songwriter Elias Alexander. Ramblxr puts fiery dance tunes from the Scottish, Irish, and American traditions in conversation with original songs and tasty-yet-huge dance productions influenced by disco, house, and lo-fi hip-hop. The flash and power of traditional dance music move the body, while songs and samples ground the listener in a depth of emotion, to create a journey that feels at once danceable and tear-jerking, personal and yet sweeping in it’s scope.

Sunday, october 8



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Sunday 10:15 am

Morning Set!

Our Sunday Morning Revival Set is pleased to welcome Skillethead! Setting roots in the high and dry Central Oregon desert, Skillethead calls forth the best of bluegrass old and new. They ground themselves firmly in the bluegrass traditions of driving fiddle tunes, layered harmonies, and single mics, all the while weaving in inspiration and originality gleaned from genres far and wide. You can expect to hear a Stanley Brothers number right alongside a stirring original or a rollicking rock cover done in Skillethead's own unique fashion. The spectrum reaches far and wide, the bluegrass universe is expanding, and Skillethead is on that ride!


Giovanni Kiyingi

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Sunday 6:00 pm

Giovanni Kiyingi, the talented Ugandan folk singer-songwriter and world music artist, captivates audiences worldwide with his extraordinary skills as a multi-instrumentalist. His mastery of diverse instruments such as the local Ugandan Endingidi, Akogo, Adungu, Endere, Djembe, Embuutu, Calabash, Congas, and more, sets him apart in the music industry.


Kiyingi's mesmerizing performances and soulful vocals have earned him prestigious invitations to share the stage with renowned artists at major music festivals and cooperative events across Uganda and the globe.



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Sunday 7:00 pm

OLLELLA’s career as a musician started early, when she sang before she could talk.

She has since created a life as a multidisciplinary artist as an indie-folk cellist, vocalist, and songwriter. Trained as a classical cellist since the age of nine, the Seattle musician merges her technical background with authoritative vocals, live-looping, and improvisation. Ollella blends the acoustic with the contemporary, folk with pop, and tenacity with softness, pulling on influences such as Feist, Cat Power and Aoife O’Donovan. She finds herself drawn to music because it unlocks a particularly organic flavor of humanity – one that fits the type of world she believes in.

”Ollella” is pronounced oh-lel-uh.


fox & bones

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Sunday 8:30 pm

Scott Gilmore and Sarah Vitort are Fox and Bones—energetic offbeat folksters with a retro pop-rock bent who have been setting the world alight with a handclapping, foot-stomping good time since 2016. The indomitable duo has brought their optimistic Americana polish to international stages. At Fox and Bones’ core is an unrelenting backbone that represents honest-to-goodness folklore dreams, wrapped in the delectable shine of a duo with a combined 25+ years of songwriting experience. They’re akin to Lake Street DiveNathaniel Rateliff, and Shovels & Rope as a relatable, soul-stirring, retro-tinged folk-rock outfit that knows how to shatter a crowd’s hearts and put them back together all in the same utterance. Scott’s powerhouse grit and Sarah’s resonant tone combine with A-grade songwriting chops to create accessible, relatable, and often heart-rending folk-rock music. 




Sculptures in Stone
with Beth Neff

Friday 3:30 pm

Beth Neff also known as The Mossy Maven will be leading a fairy door sculpture workshop. Together we will sculpt a decent size fairy door from the mind of the creator.  The class is featuring an amazing concrete sculpting medium called PalTiya Premium.  PalTiya is strong weather resistant and offers sculpting properties that once experienced you will go crazy creating fun stuff.  

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Sea Vegetables & the Intertidal
with Alanna Kiefer

Saturday 11:30 am

Bringing the ocean to the forest, well, because our forests don’t simply end at the coastline, but continue on into the sea in the form of kelps and seaweed! This workshop is an introduction to oceanography, coastal ecology, including the edible shellfish and seaweeds that line our shores from coast based marine biologist and seaweed farmer, Alanna Kieffer of Shifting Tides. We will discuss the abundance, diversity, safety, and seasonality of sea vegetables and shellfish, with a seaweed touch tank and identification workshop! There will be a cooking demo with foraged mussels as well as farmed pacific dulse from Oregon Seaweed. 

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Herbal First Aid
with Jen Twohig

Saturday 1:30 pm

Learn how to build a comprehensive, useful, and light first aid kit. In this hands-on workshop we will learn about different plants, their uses, and applications. We will go on a plant walk, talk through strategy, and learn about other helpful tools to stay safe while adventuring. 

Jenny Twohig has been exploring the Cascades for over a decade learning about the ecology, medicine, and beauty of these incredible spaces. She grows, wildcrafts, and is the product formulator for Sun Dog Farmacy, her medicinal herb farm in the Columbia River Gorge. Sun Dog Farmacy uses cultivated herbs and hyper local ingredients to provide herbal wellness products. Jenny upholds the values of an honorable harvest and building relationships with the flora, fauna, and funga around you.

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Edible Amanitas!
with Jess Starwood

Saturday 3:30 pm

Exploring the Culinary Potential of the Tastiest, but also Deadliest, Family of Fungi


From the perception-altering Amanita muscaria to the tasty Cocorras and Grisettes (and more)—to the deadly Destroying Angels and Death Caps—participants will get a thorough introduction to this fascinating genus and how to safely work with them, either culinarily or medicinally. We will discuss recipes, preparation methods and safety precautions.

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Growing Fungi
for good

with Brown Bottle Farm

Sunday 12:00 pm

Create your very own foraging ground while helping your soil and water systems. We discuss how companion planting with fungi sequesters carbon, breaks down toxicity in soil and water, and provides nutrition to surrounding plants and microbes. Learn how to apply fungi in gardens and landscapes as a way to grow your own foods and medicines while caring for the environment. Participants will take home a Stropharia "cardboard burrito" to put in their gardens/landscapes at home to enjoy their very own foraging patch.

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Foraging for
Wild Tea

with Lorelle Sherman

Sunday 2:00 pm

Humans have been foraging for and drinking wild tea as nourishment and medicine for centuries. We can find an abundance of medicinal and nutritional tea ingredients growing wild in the Pacific Northwestern forests in all seasons. From fireweed to conifer needles to elderberries, native plants can be brewed fresh as an infusion or decoction, or preserved through ancient fermentation practices. Some wild tea ingredients, like rosehips, require a bit of processing before consumption. We will walk the property to gather hyperlocal wild tea ingredients while discussing the best methods and uses for them. Then, we will taste-test several tea concoctions brewed from native plants. BYOmug!

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Wild Salad!
with Chef Cameron Dunlap

Sunday 4:00 pm 

Wild foods are all around us, and that's what Chef Cameron is going to talk about at his workshop.

 By foraging along the way, and bringing some really fun ingredients from other seasons, Cameron 

will build a salad and a couple small snacks from wild foods.

 He will also share key insights as to being a chef and foraging for larger amounts of edibles, and some of his own foraging experiences

that were able to help build the career he has today.

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Mega Potluck at Folk & Forage

MEga Potluck

Friday 6 pm

Largest potluck in the west!

Bring a dish hearty enough to feed 5-10 people and feast with your new friends!

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Costume contest

Saturday 6:30 pm

A fungi-themed parade and costume contest. This years theme for Saturday night is:

Freaky Fungi & Forest Friends!

Break out your spooky forest wear, don the mushroom mask of your dreams and dance with your fellow campers.  Compete to win the Golden Chanterelle Medal of Honor! Awards given for first and second place in both adult and kids divisions. 


Stone Soup Sunday

Sunday 6 pm

Everyone contributes one small thing which leads to an incredible bounty. We will provide alliums, root vegetables, and spices. If you plan to join, please bring a carton of vegetable broth and a vegetable of your choice. Feel free to contribute any sides if you'd like (meat, bread, cheese, etc), but we will keep the soup vegan to accommodate everyone. 


Fooble the Dragon

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Adult Show: Friday 11:00 pm

Kids Show: Sunday 9:30 am

Join Oregon's favorite rainbow eater, Fooble the Dragon! It's the puppet show you've always wanted. Adults only showing at 11:00 pm on Friday( After music ends on the Main Stage) and Kid Friendly show Saturday morning at 9:30 am. 

party animals.JPG

Party Animals

A Fun Concert for Kids!

Saturday 9:30 am

Combining parodies of classic favorites with modern songs, the Party Animals delivers a truly family friendly performance that focuses on audience engagement and participation. These Bend locals have joined ranks with events such as the Steampunk Festival, Sisters Folk Fest, along with private birthdays. Find more at:

Maker's Market at Folk and Forage

Maker's Market

All Weekend

Calling all artists, crafters, and makers! We’d love to have you bring your wares to sell or barter at Folk and Forage. The Maker's Market a.k.a. Shakedown Street is open to anyone wishing to hawk their wares. For more info, click here



Saturday & Sunday 9 am

Yoga at Folk and Forage will focus on connection; connection to yourself, to others, and to nature. These classes are breath-focused fluid movements guided by alignment cues that explore anatomy and play. This is a sweet time to slow down, listen, and feel. A great way to start the morning and prepare you for a weekend of foraging, friends, and fun. (No previous yoga experience required)

 Plus, live music! Join yogis Dana Rivkin and Susan Fox for a morning of zen. 


Acro Yoga

with Buddy Thomas & Alexis Burton

Sunday 4:00 pm in the Great Hall

Join us as we explore the playful side of Acroyoga. We will dive into basic techniques and give you the building blocks to get you flying and basing with confidence. We’ll play with simple poses and work in larger groups keeping it light hearted and fun. 

Join solo or with a partner and be prepared to smile and laugh.


Somatic Exploration
with Heidi Schmidgall
Saturday 4:00 pm in the Great Hall

Join Heidi for an hour session to cultivate more presence and aliveness in your body. Through simple movements, breath, and somatic practice, we will explore the edges of our bodies and interconnection with the natural world. Her hope is that you leave with a deeply felt sense of your body’s wisdom and greater connection to the natural world and community.

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