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Friday, April 14


Dear Darlings

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Friday 6:45 pm

Dear Darling is the nom de plume of the Sacramento-based trio of Natalie Hagwood (cello and voice), Casey Lipka (bass and voice) and Hannah Jane Kile (guitar and voice). Together, their joyous meld of jazz, folk, classical and pop delivers a fresh new sound that is being recognized both locally and nationally.


Fog Holler

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Friday 8:00 pm

Innovation meets tradition in bluegrass band Fog Holler. Based in Portland, Oregon, the band features keening brother duo harmonies, rollicking banjo, sassy guitar, bowed bass, and ripping fiddle. Inspired by a range of influences from The Stanley Brothers to Buck Owens to Primus, Fog Holler breathes fresh life into well worn forms like the murder ballad and the power waltz. With deeply personal, sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the band pays homage to their classic country and bluegrass forbears by modernizing these familiar frameworks.



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Friday 9:30 pm

Based in the rustic Kootenay mountains of Western Canada, Nathan Gurley and Sean Rodman of nationally renowned electro-folk duo Moontricks draw inspiration from the ongoing cycles of the natural world. Both volatile and constant—like nature’s best offerings—the band finds solace and beauty in the fusion of seemingly disparate elements. There’s a kind of technicolor campfire quality to their uniquely hybrid sound: Each track is steeped in tradition and polished with a futuristic sheen, mixing organic folk, roots rock, and old-time blues with modern electronic production. 

Saturday, April 15


The singer & the songwriter

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Saturday 10:30 am on the Workshop Stage

The Singer and The Songwriter is the musical duo of queer-mixed-race-Mexican-American vocalist/songwriter Rachel Garcia and Vietnamese-American guitarist/songwriter Thu Tran. “The duo creates soft melodic songs, that could just as easily exist as poems. Beautiful, and full of sound and emotion” (Playlist Play) while their multi-cultural backgrounds bring depth and diversity to the rich traditions of folk, jazz and blues music; genres they navigate between with ease and fluidity.

Quattlebaum Quartet.JPG

quattlebaum Quartet

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Saturday 6:15 pm

Quattlebaum, Southern Gent and Banjo Slinger, brings more to the table than just music. With his infectious smile and weird antics, he brings people together; encouraging camaraderie and building community (like this event, Folk & Forage). The singer-songwriter tours the country picking and strumming indie-folk songs that are spacious and emotive, and have an implicit groove. When he plays, you can hear the reverberations of the rustic mountains clashing with the breezy ocean. His Quartet will feature PNW shred-daddies Jeremy Elliott on guitar, James Rossi on the fiddle and Josiah Payne on the mandolin. 


The Sam Chase and the Untraditional

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Saturday 8:00 pm

THE SAM CHASE & THE UNTRADITIONAL is a band of accomplished Americana musicians from San Francisco. They bring an enormous level of energy and joy to the stage as they perform the songs of the band's writer and front man, The Sam Chase. Sam is a natural storyteller with a voice that sounds as if it has weathered many an epic tale, and he leads the band in adventures every night.


Mah Ze Tar

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Saturday 11:30 pm in the Great Hall

Māh Ze Tār is a musical fusion project by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Maz Karandish. This project was propelled by the vision of fusing traditional Eastern music with modern electronic composition as a form of cultural preservation. A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist covering grounds from Raga, Maqam, and Dastgah to Harmony, Jazz, and Opera. He has been studying music from a very young age and has spent extensive time exploring world music within each of their respective traditions over the past two decades. Maz utilizes his voice in addition to about a dozen instruments to bring the various forms of music to life. 

Sunday, April 16

JF Band Fence Landscape.jpg

Jenner Fox &
Jeremy Elliott

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Sunday 10:15 am

Morning Set!

Our Sunday Morning Revival Set is pleased to welcome the Jenner Fox and Jeremy Elliott to lift our spirits and get our tired bodies moving. They share a sensibility for deep listening, harmony, space, and 50 mile bike days. Bringing Fox’s songs into a more vast musical landscape, these two have delighted audiences
up and down the west coast since day one. Plus this set will feature a bunch of special guest musicians from throughout the weekend!

Andrew Quist_willy+tea+session+SC.png

Willy Tea Taylor

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Sunday 7:00 pm

There is no question that Willy Tea Taylor’s life as a singer/songwriter was predetermined - his role realized the moment he wrote his first song. With inspiration drawn from two separate wells. Living the life of a cattleman’s kid while experiencing true visionaries music Greg Brown, …, watching Guy Clark and friends sitting around the kitchen table loaded with ashtrays full of butts and half-smoked cigarettes, food, and booze on one Christmas Eve in 1975. Those guys, swapping songs without pretense, lit Willy Tea’s fire. And ever since, it’s led purpose with passion - finding a hang by curating relationships through musical friendships that get him closer to his own Clark style kitchen table.

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The Muddy Souls

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Sunday 8:45 pm

The Muddy Souls are a 5-piece, progressive bluegrass band formed in Eugene, Oregon in 2018. Their ever growing sound is a beautifully fresh take on an age old genre of music. Having four different songwriters and singers in the band, their sound encompasses a wide variety of influences. Traditional bluegrass, folk, jam and improvisational music, and jazz just to name a few.




Sculptures in Stone
with Beth Neff

Friday 3:30 pm

Beth Neff also known as The Mossy Maven will be leading a mushroom sculpture workshop. Together we will sculpt a decent size mushroom from the mind of the creator.  The class is featuring an amazing concrete sculpting medium called PalTiya Premium.  PalTiya is strong weather resistant and offers sculpting properties that once experienced you will go crazy creating fun stuff.  

FolkandForage2207 copy.jpg

Beginner Foray
with Lorelle Sherman and
Blair Sylvester

Saturday 11:15 am

Divide and conquer! Split into two groups and follow 2 expert naturalists through the woods. Then, switch instructors for a different perspective!

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coastal fungi for color
with Erica Clark

Saturday 1:00 pm

A hands-on (demonstration or presentation) of natural dye methods utilizing fungi local to the western cascades and Oregon coast. Learn how to select and prepare fiber to dye, identify dye fungi, collection and storage, and tricks to shifting shades. A collection of natural dye books will be shared, and participants will receive handouts with to all information covered. 

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Foraging wild foods of spring
with Lorelle Sherman

Saturday 3:00 pm

Spring is a season of abundance in Oregon! From wild herbs and salad greens, to roots and shoots and edible blossoms, this is an amazing time to learn about the diversity of wild ingredients around us. We will start with a slow stroll around the festival grounds to see what wild edibles we can find, going over identification strategies and ethical foraging practices. Then, the group will convene for a wild foods cooking demonstration and tasting. Bring your own mug to sip on tea made from things we gather on our stroll.

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Growing and Companion Planting Mushrooms Outdoors
with Anna and Ryan of Brown Bottle Farm

Sunday 11:30 am

Come explore mushrooms you can grow outside! The process to grow your own mushrooms and benefit your garden is approachable and economical on any scale when you take out the need for expensive equipment and cleanliness. Specifically we'll talk about Garden Giant(Stropharia rugosoannulata) and Oyster Mushroom(Pleurotus sp.), using straw, cardboard, and wood chip growing mediums. Our small farm in Oregon has successfully grown mushrooms with vegetables and without sterile space for 6 years. We'll share our skills, experiences, and explore the future of fungi!


Music of the
Near East

with Donya Reeza

Sunday 1:30 pm

Enjoy a concert and discussion with Donya Reeza. These two world-class musicians are preserving Indian, Greek, Persian, and Turkish traditional music while weaving their common threads together. This unique workshop is not to be missed!

FolkandForage2235 copy.jpg

with T.B.A.

Sunday 3:30 pm 


FolkandForage254 copy.jpg


Mega Potluck at Folk & Forage

MEga Potluck

Friday 6 pm

Largest potluck in the west!

Bring a dish hearty enough to feed 5-10 people and feast with your new friends!

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 4.27.41 PM.png

The mushroom masquerade ball & Costume contest

Saturday 6:30 pm

A fungi-themed parade and costume contest. This years theme for Saturday night is:

The Mushroom Masquerade Ball!

Break out your "festival formal " wear, don the mushroom mask of your dreams and dance with your fellow campers.  Awards and Prizes will be given to the best costume.

Photo and Masks by Francoise Weeks



Saturday & Sunday 9 am & 4 pm

Yoga at Folk and Forage will focus on connection; connection to yourself, to others, and to nature. These classes are breath-focused fluid movements guided by alignment cues that explore anatomy and play. This is a sweet time to slow down, listen, and feel. A great way to start the morning and prepare you for a weekend of foraging, friends, and fun. (No previous yoga experience required)

 Plus, live music!

Chanterelle hunting at Folk & Forage

Foraging Competition

Awards Show: Saturday 6 pm

8 hours to explore the surrounding woods and compete for prizes! Awards will be given for Largest Mushroom, Most Edible Mushrooms, and Most Special Mushroom.


Stone Soup Sunday

Sunday 6 pm

Everyone contributes one small thing which leads to an incredible bounty. We will provide alliums, root vegetables, and spices. If you plan to join, please bring a carton of vegetable broth and a vegetable of your choice. Feel free to contribute any sides if you'd like (meat, bread, cheese, etc), but we will keep the soup vegan to accommodate everyone. 

Maker's Market at Folk and Forage

Maker's Market

All Weekend

Calling all artists, crafters, and makers! We’d love to have you bring your wares to sell or barter at Folk and Forage. The Maker's Market a.k.a. Shakedown Street is open to anyone wishing to hawk their wares. For more info, click here

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