Friday, October 28


The Sam Chase & the
Hot Hot Machine

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Friday 7 pm

The leader of this trio is The Sam Chase himself, a natural storyteller with a voice that sounds as if it has weathered many an epic tale.  With boot stomping orchestration and lyrics that have been immortalized on the tattooed skin of their fans, The Sam Chase & The Hot Hot Machine doesn’t mess around. 

Featuring the stunning strings of cellist, Devon McClive and violinist, Chandra Johnson, these are the warriors we need in these troubled times. 


Rainbow Girls

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Friday 8 pm

“A gang of sweet angels punching you in the heart”

Flowers not to reason why.
Just a couple’a heads on bodies doing our best over here.

I Love Rainbow Girls forever



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Friday 9:30 pm

Lapa weaves together musical stories with complexly textured harmonies, expansive melodies, and intricately layered beats. His music blurs borders and transcends boundaries, illuminating the resonance of universal forces and teleporting people to wild, dream-like places of serenity and connection. Being originally from Russia, and having studied classical violin for most of his life, Lapa's music bridges styles from around the world in a tasteful and eloquent way. You may also know him as Ilya Goldberg, long-time collaborator of Emancipator. 

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Buffalo Kin

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Saturday 7 pm

Buffalo Kin is a Western Folk Noir duo based in Oregon. ‘Wild Open Country’ is their first demo album and is currently available on all platforms.


The High Seagrass

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Saturday 8:00 pm

The High Seagrass are a swashbuckling band of bluegrass marauders pickin’ and singin’ at sea level who's unique brand fuses hard driving traditional prowess with bold improvisational exploration. This group of accomplished musicians channels the Emerald City’s musical roots with a well curated selection of bluegrass traditionals, rollicking originals, and re-imagined covers.


Mah Ze Tar

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Saturday 9:30 pm

Māh Ze Tār is a musical fusion project by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Maz Karandish. This project was propelled by the vision of fusing traditional Eastern music with modern electronic composition as a form of cultural preservation. A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist covering grounds from Raga, Maqam, and Dastgah to Harmony, Jazz, and Opera. He has been studying music from a very young age and has spent extensive time exploring world music within each of their respective traditions over the past two decades. Maz utilizes his voice in addition to about a dozen instruments to bring the various forms of music to life. 

Saturday, October, 29

Sunday, October 30

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Jenner Fox Band

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Sunday 10 am

Morning Set!

Our Sunday Morning Revival Set is pleased to welcome the Jenner Fox Band to lift our spirits and get our tired bodies moving. The members of the Pacific Northwest based Jenner Fox Band share a sensibility for deep listening, three-part-harmony, space, and 50 mile
bike days. Bringing Fox’s songs into a more vast musical landscape, the band has delighted audiences
up and down the west coast since day one. Featuring Aaron Moore on
electric bass, and Jeremy Elliott on electric
guitar and Aaron Guest on keys, this band is not one to be missed.



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Sunday 7 pm

MAITA, the musical vehicle for songwriter Maria Maita-Keppeler has gone on to reach national acclaim, opening for the likes of Mirah, Blind Pilot, Horse Feathers, Typhoon, as well as completing a headlining national album release tour culminating in official showcases at SXSW and Treefort. Splitting time between her mom’s Japanese-speaking home and her father’s English-speaking home, Maria Maita-Keppeler, who KEXP calls “a master storyteller who can turn intimate moments into quippy, catchy indie-rock songs,”  found an expressive avenue out of her childhood shyness through music.


Two Runner

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Sunday 8 pm

Two Runner is Paige Anderson and Emilie Rose. The American Roots duo from Northern California embody the hills they grew up in. Through the mediums of clawhammer banjo, flatpicking guitar, vocal harmonies, and oldtime fiddle, Two Runner puts a hip take on the Appalachian feel.  



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Sunday 9:15 pm

Quattlebaum, brings more to the table than just music. With his infectious smile and weird antics, he brings people together; encouraging camaraderie and building community. The singer-songwriter tours the country picking and strumming indie-folk songs that are spacious and emotive, and have an implicit groove. When he plays, you can hear the reverberations of the rustic mountains clashing with the breezy ocean. Like a willowy heron, Quattlebaum struts around on stage as the music moves through him, evoking a range of emotions from laughter to longing.  He shares tender moments, where one can almost hear his banjo breathing, then erupts into raucous peaks of unbridled energy—his captivating performances take his audiences on a ride.



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Pickling and Preserving Mushrooms
with Chef Karl Holl

Saturday 10 am 

This workshop will focus on basic wild mushroom cleaning techniques, to rinse or not to rinse? To wipe or not to wipe? Then we will do a mixed wild mushroom quick pickle with a simple pickling technique I like to use.

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Beginner Mushroom Foray
with Maria Lipkina and Rivkah Khanin

Saturday 11:30 am

Maria Lipkina and Rivkah Khanin cordially invite you to sniff gills, snap stipes, scratch caps, and twiddle an annulus (a whatulus? this is not a come-on!). Come get to know the weird wacky wonderful world of fungi on an introductory foray. We’ll explore basic terminology, ecology/habitat, culinary and cultural uses, and more while romping through the forest to see what fungal delights we can find. We’ll display our bounty at the end of our foray together. Maria and Rivkah are both experiential educators, professional cooks, and long-time members of the San Francisco Mycological Society.

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Wild Foods of autumn
with Lorelle Sherman

Saturday 1:00 pm

This workshop will highlight the bounty of Autumn ingredients the PNW has to offer!  We will gather as a group to explore the property for edible mushrooms, wild greens, wild tea ingredients, late season fruits, and whatever else catches our eye. While on our walk, we will cover identification techniques, sustainable and ethical foraging, and best harvesting practices. We will then come together as a group to discuss processing and cooking techniques and recipe ideas for your newfound wild ingredients. You will leave the class warmed from the inside with a hot cup of wild tea from plants we foraged!

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with Chef Sebastian Carosi

Saturday 2:30 pm

Now that the psilocybin therapy conversation has been completely embraced and integrated into mainstream culture, let's talk more about it!  Join award-winning chef, avid forager, and PNW wild psilocybin enthusiast Chef Sebastian Carosi for some hot chocolate and an open campfire-style discussion that will cover: making microdoses, the importance of tailoring a regimen to your overall mental health needs, taking charge of your mental health and emotional well-being through psilocybin, strain potency, basic mushroom math, dosage formulation, wild vs cultivated, local legalities, making mushroom hot chocolate, social media hype and the agri-conglomerate involvement in the microdose movement.

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Basic Tree ID
with Lorelle Sherman

Saturday 4:00 pm

Fungi are inextricably linked to their forested environment. So, tree identification is an integral skill for mushroom hunters. We will go over the identification, ecology, and fungal associates of some of our native PNW conifer and hardwood tree species. From pinnate to palmate, you will learn the vocabulary and characteristics necessary to identify a tree in your field guide and the habitat types you'd expect to find certain tree species in.


mushroom cultivation in your home or garden
with Eric Baer

Sunday 11:30 am

Growing mushrooms at home is fun, and it’s no more complicated than baking sourdough bread. With a bit of effort, you can produce dozens of pounds of delicious edible mushrooms like Oyster, Lions Mane, and Wine Cap in your basement, porch, patio or, garden. We’ll go over the most common mushrooms varieties in home cultivation, the equipment and space you’ll need, and how to do it. This class’s basic cultivation concepts will apply whether you grow from spore prints you find in the forests or from grain spawn you purchase from the many excellent growers in Oregon. At the end of the class, you’ll go home with a bag of mushroom spawn to get you started.

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Songwriting Workshop
with Jenner Fox

Sunday 1:00 pm

Come prepared to make up a song! We will write from prompts, explore our individual "taste," share what we come up with, and support each other in our musical journeys. 

All genres and levels are welcome. Prizes incorporating “fungi” into a song. 

PNW PUHpowee-215.jpg

Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook Recipe WorkShop
with Chef Sebastian Carosi

Sunday 2:30 pm 

Fall here in the pacific northwest famously yields an abundance of wild mushrooms to explore in the kitchen. Chef Carosi will share and prepare one of his personal favorite recipes for woodland wild mushroom strudel, one of many recipes he contributed to the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook project. Choosing this particular recipe for its ability to utilize the sometimes overwhelming abundance and variety of PNW fall mushrooms and to help encourage more mushroom cookery. The workshop and discussion will cover general mycophagy, the importance of dry mushroom use, PNW mushrooms, and the making of one bad-ass strudel, the woodland wild mushroom strudel.


Medicinal Mushroom Workshop
with Jason Scott

Sunday 4:00 pm 

In this workshop, we will explore some common medicinal mushrooms and how to make simple preparations as well as how to use them for ourselves, friends, family, and other folks in need. We will discuss the difference between mycelium and fruit body extracts, proper preparation techniques to get all the goods out of the mushrooms, and how to work with them.

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Mega Potluck at Folk & Forage

MEga Potluck

Friday 6 pm

Largest potluck in the west!

Bring a dish hearty enough to feed 5-10 people and feast with your new friends!

Mushroom Costumes by Strings and Shadow

Costume contest

Saturday 8:30 pm

A fungi-themed parade and costume contest! Show us your mushroom costumes! Awards and Prizes will be given to the best costume.

Inspo photo by Strings and Shadow.

Yoga Instructor Dana Rivkin at Folk & Forage

Morning Yoga

Saturday & Sunday 9 am

Yoga at Folk and Forage will focus on connection; connection to yourself, to others, and to nature. These classes are breath-focused fluid movements guided by alignment cues that explore anatomy and play. This is a sweet time to slow down, listen, and feel. A great way to start the morning and prepare you for a weekend of foraging, friends, and fun. (No previous yoga experience required)

 Plus, live music!

Chanterelle hunting at Folk & Forage

Foraging Competition

Awards Show: Saturday 8 pm

8 hours to explore the surrounding woods and compete for prizes! Awards will be given for Largest Mushroom, Most Edible Mushrooms, and Most Special Mushroom.

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Pumpkin Carving Contest

Awards Show: Saturday 8 pm

Bring a pumpkin and join the fun! All entries must be placed on the stage by Saturday evening at 7 pm to enter. 

Maker's Market at Folk and Forage

Maker's Market

All Weekend

Calling all artists, crafters, and makers! We’d love to have you bring your wares to sell or barter at Folk and Forage. The Maker's Market a.k.a. Shakedown Street is open to anyone wishing to hawk their wares. For more info, click here


Stone Soup Sunday

Sunday 6 pm

Everyone contributes one small thing which leads to an incredible bounty. We will provide alliums, root vegetables, and spices. If you plan to join, please bring a carton of vegetable broth and a vegetable of your choice. Feel free to contribute any sides if you'd like (meat, bread, cheese, etc), but we will keep the soup vegan to accommodate everyone.