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Mega Potluck at Folk & Forage

MEga Potluck

Friday 6 pm

Largest potluck in the west!

Bring a dish hearty enough to feed 5-10 people and feast with your new friends!

Mushroom Costumes by Strings and Shadow

WAltz of the Mushrooms

Saturday 7:30 pm

A fungi-themed parade and costume contest! Show us your mushroom costumes! Awards and Prizes will be given to the best costume.

Inspo photo by Strings and Shadow.

Yoga Instructor Dana Rivkin at Folk & Forage

Morning Yoga

Saturday & Sunday 9 am

Yoga at Folk and Forage will focus on connection; connection to yourself, to others, and to nature. These classes are breath-focused fluid movements guided by alignment cues that explore anatomy and play. This is a sweet time to slow down, listen, and feel. A great way to start the morning and prepare you for a weekend of foraging, friends, and fun. (No previous yoga experience required)

 Live music by Pete Kartsounes (Sat.)

and Mah Ze Tar (Sun.)

Chanterelle hunting at Folk & Forage

Foraging Competition

Awards Show: Saturday 7 pm

8 hours to explore the surrounding woods and compete for prizes! Awards will be given for Largest Mushroom, Most Edible Mushrooms, and Most Special Mushroom.

Amanita Muscaria at Folk & Forage

Best in Show

Awards Show: Saturday 7 pm

Like your favorite old county fair, except...mushrooms. Are you a mushroom cultivator? Show off your homegrown mushrooms and win prizes! Awards and prizes will be given in the following categories: Best in Show Edible and Best In Show Psychotropic.

Maker's Market at Folk and Forage

Maker's Market

All Weekend

Calling all artists, crafters, and makers! We’d love to have you bring your wares to sell or barter at Folk and Forage. The Maker's Market a.k.a. Shakedown Street is open to anyone wishing to hawk their wares. For more info, click here


Stone Soup Sunday

Sunday 6 pm

Everyone contributes one small thing which leads to an incredible bounty. We will provide alliums, root vegetables, and spices. If you plan to join, please bring a carton of vegetable broth and a vegetable of your choice. Feel free to contribute any sides if you'd like (meat, bread, cheese, etc), but we will keep the soup vegan to accommodate everyone. 

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