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Maker's Market

Are you a maker? Amazing Artist? Passionate Potter? Performative Painter? Wondrous Weaver? Apothecary Alien? Holy Herbalist? Hot Sauce Slinger? Woodworker Wonder? Jelly Jammer?

Gregarious Glass Blower? Pickle Playa? Marmalade Mage?


Come sell your stuff at Folk & Forage! 

Please no commercial or corporate products. Handmade or designed only, please!

Maker's Market 

The Maker's Market is an option for anyone who wants to sell their wares free of charge at any time of day or night. This is a great low-commitment option and a way to share your skills with the community.  Due to space, you are limited to setting up a 6' table (BYOTable). No tents or EZ-ups will fit, so bring a tarp if you want to leave your stuff out overnight. Any ticket-holding festival attendee may participate in the Maker's Market.

Space availability is first come first serve.

Please Note:

  • Bring your own table and lighting if wishing to sell past dark and protection from dew, rain, and weather overnight. 

  • Hours: Set up and leave it all weekend or break it down nightly. It’s up to you. Work as little or as long as you want to. Typically campers roam through the market in the mornings during the coffee hour. It’s a great way to start the day by having coffee and getting to know your fellow campers while selling your wares. There’s often another “rush” in the afternoons during Happy Hour. 

  • Honor System: this usually works well if there are obvious prices, and ways to pay at your booth and you don’t want to work the booth constantly.

  • Cell Service/Wifi: There is limited cell service, so credit card payments and Venmo might not work. We recommend using Square Payments in "offline" mode or keeping a list of items the customer purchased and their Venmo handles and then sending them a payment request after the festival when you get back to cell service or wifi. Or simply bring cash to make change. 


Folk & Forage is not responsible for any stolen items or damage due to weather.

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